I have a passion for technology and enjoy using it to solve everyday problems in simple and efficient ways.

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May 2022

Software Engineer

CAL Analytics

I'm currently working as a Software Engineer, helping develop a system to manage unmanned aircraft around the globe.

Jan 2022

Software Developer Intern

Cincinnati Financial

I've automated tasks, enhanced layouts, and refactored an angular codebase, increasing efficiency and productivity for underwriters.

June 2021

Software Engineer Intern


I've enhanced the functionality of a Brightspot CMS, by implementing two responsive promotions and various back-end features.

Aug 2018

Choose Ohio First

Kent State University

I've simulated drone delivery, optimized sorting algorithms, and visualized pathfinding and maze generation algorithms.

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  • Autonomous Interpreter

  • Secure Database

  • Pathfinding Visualizer

  • Sorting Visualizer

  • Personal Portfolio

  • Dynamic Webpage

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Autonomous Interpreter

Language Interpreter

For my senior project, I worked with five other students to implement an autonomous language interpreter. With this project, we built a full-stack website that translates and displays both text and speech into the desired language of the user.

Secure Database

Secure Database

As a part of my Data Security class, I created a full stack website that stores user entered data in an SQLite3 database. The website allows the user to signup, login, and see the differences in the database after password hashing and salting and data anonymization.

Pathfinding Visualizer

Pathfinding Visualizer

This project was the result of me trying to find a way to implement and visualize various pathfinding and maze generation algorithms. I did this by generating a grid of div elements and implementing asynchronous functions to traverse it, while avoiding barrier nodes created by the user.

Sorting Visualizer

Sorting Visualizer

This project was the result of me trying to better understand various sorting algorithms and the differences in their runtime. With this project, I implemented and visualized the bubble, selection, insertion, merge, quick and heap sorting algorithms.

Personal Webpage

Personal Webpage

The first webpage I've ever launched and hosted is the one you're currently on! Completing this project taught me more about responsive web design and web programming than any class every could.

Dynamic Webpage

Dynamic Webpage

This was the first full web application I ever designed. With this project, I created a MySQL database storing data regarding every college in Ohio. The web application allows the user to search and filter through the schools stored in the database, and display the results.